Monday, June 6, 2011

Not just a write-in: Need your signatures

This morning I announced my write-in campaign for Freeholder in the Democratic Primary. The impetus was my frustration with Washington Street nor being repaved but it actually goes further than that.

Hudson County taxes have gone up for Hoboken but services have not. Thus, not only do I want your vote for the primary, I need 100 signatures by 4 pm tomorrow to run as an independent in November election against the incumbent Anthony Romano for Freeholder of Hudson County.

To vote me in on Tuesday on the machines go to the row for freeholder and select personal choice. Down below on the key pad type in my name Kurt Gardiner. This will be a way to send a message. The real election wil be in November.

At 7 pm tonight until 9pm I will be home at 807 Garden Street on my doorstep. I need your help to also get on the ballot for November election to give voters a choice. You can sign regardless of Party affiliation since I will be running as an independent.

Call me at 917-543-1187 if you have any questions. ◦