Saturday, October 29, 2011

Peter Cunningham to Hoboken Council Minority - Save the Hospital!

5th Ward City Councilman Peter Cunningham chimes in on the City of Hoboken Hospital situation. There is a special meeting on Sunday October 30th at 6pm to see if one more member of the City Council can pass the garage aggreement to waive the 20 day waiting period as the Hospital is running out of money....

Friends, Family and Neighbors,

And yes again, we are at a very critical juncture in Hoboken's history Tomorrow night at 6pm, City Council Chambers, the minority council will have another opportunity (and perhaps last) to favor the
immediate approval of the necessary parking agreement so the new entity can USE [not own] the mid town garage for it's employees and patients.

It is the final piece to close the hospital financing to save Hoboken's hospital and relieve the City of it's $52 million bond guarantee.  It is a condition to close the transaction which should have happened Wednesday, but the minority council of Mason, Russo, Castellano and Occipiniti voted no!

As many of you know, the process for the City to divest itself of Hoboken Univ Medical Center has been on going since the Mayor appointed (and the Council confirmed) a series of highly qualified
individuals tasked with this goal in mind - sell the hospital under our conditions (set forth in the Request for Proposal) that would keep this valuable and historic healthcare entity to serve Hoboken and the Hudson County region, and relieve the City and it's taxpayers from the $52 million bond guarantee.

This action tomorrow night is our last chance to save our hospital and relieve us of the guarantee that surely will be exercised if we cannot close this transaction.  Please attend this meeting and/or write your
councilperson/s to demand that they support this measure.  It is our last hope.

[Peter also refers to Dr. Jonatan Metsch's piece published earlier today on the Hoboken Journal]

- Peter Cunningham
5th Ward City Councilman ◦