Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Update on 1st and Jackson Street Fire Victims Fundraiser

Here is an update from Rory Chadwick on the efforts to get support out to the families displaced by the fire at 1st and Jackson Street this last weekend....

Just to let you all know we are now receiving donations from people on the west coast!  Tons of people emailing and calling looking to help.  Furniture now being donated too.  Lots of stores donating prizes too.  1 week of time share is already donated for the girls to use themselves after they get settled in, it's valid anywhere in the world for a week.  We are also working on possibly getting a 1 week stay for the girls at The Mondrian Hotel in South Beach Miami.  Lots of amazing people in town offering some amazing things and we're just getting started.

Please note that paypal users can donate by sending donations to Jake Stiver by sending him an email at  jstuiver@gmail.com.

There are now more drop off locations where people can leave clothing, sundries, shoes and anything else.

The locations so far are:
  • The Wicked Wolf, 120 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken
  • Hudson Family Chiropractic, 51 Newark St Suite #203, Hoboken
  • H-Mag - 80 River St Penthouse North, Hoboken
  • Midtown Authentic - 728 Washington St Basement, Hoboken
We are also in need of some volunteers to help out this week and next.  People that are interested in helping can email midtownauthentic@gmail.com, joemindak@h-mag.com and josephebranco@yahoo.com.

More drop off locations are coming and we are seeking local eateries to donate food for the charity event. Thanks everyone for posting and supporting!

- Rory Chadwick

Writer, Hoboken Robin and Retail Proprietor of Midtown Authentic ◦