Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Confirmed! Peter Cammarano In Prison!

Update 10/5/2010: According to the Federal Prison System inmate locator
http://www.bop.gov/iloc2/LocateInmate.jsp  , Peter Cammarano is now incarerated at the Lewisburg facility in Pennsylvania.

Original Post 10/1/2010: There had been rumors that Peter Cammarano was still out and about and not in prison on his scheduled date of September 20th to turn himself  in. "Da Horsey" at MSV blog had hinted at that last week and someone else had mentioned a sighting this week to me. According to Andrew Tavani of Hoboken Patch his date to turn himself in will now be October 4, 2010. The reason for the delay of two weeks is that Peter Cammarano successfully changed where he will be incarcerated from Brooklyn, NY to Lewisberg, PA. Apparently they have a nicer facility and prisoner profile.Kudos to Adrew Tavani for breaking this story on Patch.

To read the whole article go to this link:

"Petey" still not in Federal BOP custody as of 10/1/2010
Below is the handy dandy link for those who still view Peter Cammarano as a hero and want to drive 173 miles to pay him a visit at Lewisberg, PA. Sorry ladies, Peter is indeed a handsome guy but no conjugal visits are allowed at the facility. He can't even go on the "Down Low" according to prison regulations since sexual advances are against prison policy.

Lewisberg, PA Facility:  http://www.bop.gov/locations/institutions/lew/index.jsp

Lewisberg, PA Prison - Softer time than Brooklyn?

Cammarano's new prison bunk- where are the college babes? The kegs?

Lewisberg Prison Handbook in case you the reader ever get pinched for political corruption/fraud: