Friday, January 14, 2011

Hoboken Retains Acting Construction Code Official - where is Al Arezzo?

This is from the City of Hoboken regarding the temporary appointment of Tom Shannon as acting Construction Code Official while matters are being sorted out with respect to Al Arezzo who has been the head official for many years......


To ensure adequate professional staffing and service to the community, the City of Hoboken has retained Tom Shannon to serve as Acting Construction Official in the Construction Office on a part time basis. Mario Patruno, the Electrical Subcode Official, will serve as Acting Construction Official when Mr. Shannon is not in the office. Both are licensed construction officials, and we expect that there will be a seamless transition.

“We want business owners and residents to know that the Hoboken Construction Office is very much open for business,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

The Construction Office on the first floor of City Hall is open every weekday from 9 am to 4 pm.


Editor's Comment: It was reported me last week that Al had been suspended for not participating in sexual harassment courses but another source has indicated to me that there may be more including possible indictments but that has yet to be confirmed and should be considered nothing more than a rumor. Al Arezzo has beaten charges back before and some call him "Teflon Al". Last week, the HPD was called to City Hall assist while the suspension was issued but Al was not in the building when they arrived. Al has not been seen since in City Hall. Corporate Counsel did confirm at the 1/5/2011 City Council meeting that that no one was escorted from the building but otherwise have been very tight lipped about this matter as it is personnel related. The City has stated it will not comment on personnel matters and it must me noted that any of my sources are from outside the Administration.

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