Saturday, October 26, 2013

Photo of the Day Zimmer Team and Kids First pose for Photo at Church Square Park

Today just before noon the campaign to re-elect Mayor Dawn Zimmer (5J) and her slate of Dave Mello (11K), Ravi Bhalla (12K) and James Doyle (13K) and the Kids First Board of Education team of Leon Gold (3I), Irene Sobolov (5I), and Jennifer Evans (8K) and their core supporters gathered at recently renovated Church Square Park. 

In addition to the team photo there was one other voting block that Dawn Zimmer was able to win over, that of Zombies. Zombies for Zimmer may not be the largest voting block but this young supporter shows voters how Mayor Zimmer reaches out to all kinds of people in Hoboken, both living and the dead. As a former Mason political operative and Hoboken 411 ghost writer (paid or unpaid through friendship) once said "Zimmer Supporters are Zombies!". Well, at least one thing he said turned out to be true.