Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brian Stack Ashamed of his Wife- In Arnold Diaz's "Hall of Shame"

Update 2/2/2011: In response to the expose and scandal brought out by FOX 5's Arnold Diaz Union City Mayor and NJ State Senator Brian Stack has sent this letter to residents:

In the letter he states that he had "no knowlede of anything being wrongfully done" and that outside political forces are responsible for the attacks on his personal life. He also adds that he is disgusted by the acts of his ex-wife Katia Stack. Who isn't disgusted with their ex? See the Graphix Avenger blog for a woman's take on that theme:


My commnet: Maybe Brian Stack would enjoy more support in Hoboken if we weren't so neglected in general by our State Senator. In the past, say what you want about Bernie Kenny but Hoboken was much better represented. Bring home the bacon! Ruben Ramos has so far been silent on this issue affecting his political pal.

Original Post 1/27/2011:

Brian Stack Busted by Fox News for his
Own Car Sharing Program - "Hall of Shame"

Fox News is reporting that Brian Stack, Union City Mayor, and a close political ally of Ruben Ramos is allowing his ex-wife to drive a City car at the taxpayers expense. The misappropriation of funds would appear to continue in Hudson County. Suggestion to Readers: Listen to the whole story below, this is more than just about his ex-wife's car.

Arnold Diaz of Fox News has Union City Mayor Brian Stack in his "Hall of Shame"

Here is a brief blurb from Fox News:

"At a time when many cities are cutting costs, Union City, N.J., appears to be wasting money.

Fox 5's Arnold Diaz has been investigating this for months. He found that some people are saying the mayor is playing favorites at taxpayers' expense.

The mayor's ex-wife, who is not a city employee, was driving a municipal car. She runs a daycare center housed in a city-owned building. And the center doesn't pay any rent to the city."


My Comment: NJ Assemblyman Ruben Ramos is rumored to view Brian Stack as an ally in helping fight back Mayor Dawn Zimmer's reforms. This investigation sheds some light on some of the dealings of Brian Stack's Administration that goes beyond car sharing. It will be interesting to see if Ruben steps away from Brian a bit or he just shrugs it off as business as usual. Another example of malfeasance in Hudson County! When will it end? ◦