Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beth Mason and the Hoboken Chocolate Factory

In yet another bizzaro turn in Beth Mason's campaign here is another tale in the annals of Hoboken politrickery and street level campaigning. Several sources told me Beth Mason and a small army of  paid workers were handing out boxes of candy to residents at the ferry and various locations in the second ward for Valentines Day last night. Here is one account of Beth Mason playing "Willy Wonka" who requested his name withheld out of fear of retribution:

"On my way home a few of her little workers put candy in the face and said "compliments of Hoboken City Council". Never did they say Beth. I then asked if they were from Beth Mason and they finally said yes. The gave me a Hershey strawberry filled heart and a box of candy hearts."

A Beth Mason City Council, err Mayoral campaign is a lot
"like a box of chocolates - you never know what you are going to get"

First there was the free round of beers last year during a Monday Night Football game, the poinsettia around Christmas,  and now the candy on Valentine's Day. While this no doubt helps Beth Mason get her name out there she could be running into jeopardy with 2nd Ward residents as they could just turn around and say "Is this all you could give us"?  This is yet another a sign that Beth Mason is pulling out all the stops for this campaign. Is this money well spent?

Finally, does any one have a problem with the fact that her workers were saying that the candies were from the City Council when they were just from Beth Mason? To me it is another sign of her poor communication that her workers could not stay on message and tell the truth.

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