Thursday, February 10, 2011

Greg Lincoln to Run for City Council in Hoboken's 3rd Ward!

Greg Lincoln, a supporter of the Zimmer Administration and that of fiscal responsibility based on his public comments at City Council meetings, has unofficially decided to enter the race against Michael Russo for 3rd Ward Hoboken City Councilman. It is anticipated that he will have the support of Mayor Dawn Zimmer for this run but that is based on my analysis and projection and not anything official from the Mayor in terms of an endorsement or assurance.

The source of this information is Greg Lincoln himself. I had asked him previously a few weeks ago this same question but at that point he was not sure. Now he is! I anticipate a formal announcement in the coming few weeks. With the 6th Ward also apparently having a good governance candidate close to announcing and having the support of the Zimmer Administration, the taxpayers of Hoboken that are actually footing the bill will have a shot a good representation in all six wards come May. Best of luck to Greg Lincoln! ◦