Friday, April 15, 2011

Mayor Zimmer Highlights Efforts to Preserve and Expand the Arts

From the office of the Mayor, more iniatives on behalf of the arts in Hoboken.....

Mayor Zimmer Highlights Efforts to Preserve and Expand the Arts

Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced a variety of initiatives her Administration has been pursuing to preserve and protect existing artists and expand and promote the arts within Hoboken.

“The arts are an important part of cultural life in Hoboken and part of what makes our community truly unique and a great place to live,” said Mayor Zimmer. “I strongly believe that we need to protect our artists, their ability to live and work here, and expand the opportunities for the arts in Hoboken.”

The Zimmer Administration has placed two resolutions before the City Council for consideration at the upcoming Council meeting. The first would propose a study to designate the Neumann Leather complex an area in need of rehabilitation.

“This is how we can protect the artists within this thriving creative community, preserve dozens of small businesses and more than 200 local jobs, and as much as possible restore rather than demolish our iconic historic buildings,” added Mayor Zimmer.

In addition, an interim cost agreement for the analysis of a proposal for a Hoboken Arts Center on the western side of the City will also be presented to the City Council. The agreement would require the proposed redeveloper (Water Music) to pay for the City’s costs associated with reviewing the redevelopment proposal, it’s financial feasibility, and its impact on the community.

The Zimmer Administration has also been closely monitoring the bankruptcy proceedings for the Monroe Center and has been strongly advocating its position that the priority should be the preservation of the artists at affordable rents.

The City is also launching a “Hoboken for the Arts” campaign to promote the arts through the City website. The website,, will feature not only City-sponsored arts, but all upcoming arts events in Hoboken that are submitted. Artists can submit event information by emailing The City is also establishing a Cultural Arts Resource Guide to help promote local artists. It is free of charge to sign up, and a link is available on the City website at