Monday, May 2, 2011

Glenn Beck is Toast: Fear Mongering Nutjob Gets Das Boot from Fox News

The Washington Post is reporting that Glenn Beck's hate filled and fear mongering TV show on Fox News will go off the air sometime this year...

"Glenn Beck and Fox News Channel formally agreed Wednesday to end Beck’s daily program, which will dissolve a 27-month marriage beset by outside pressures and internal tensions sometime this year."

Link to Story:

Perry Klaussen of Beth Mason
supported Hoboken gobbles up
conspiracy theories
like Lane Bajardi
does ant-Zimmer diatribes
Glenn Beck was the lunatic that had the ultra right wing show on Fox News that made claims that Barack Obama hated white people. Perry Klaussen of Hoboken 411 was a big fan and often shared his beliefs in Glenn Beck's half crocked conspiracy theories. Its funny that someone that would be supporting a woman like Beth Mason that supports large and inefficient corrupt local government by being in bed with the Russos. As the saying goes "money talks".

I for one may be  to sympathetic to rational conservatives line of reasoning that the federal deficit is too large but I for one will not miss this misguided misanthrope who brought fear mongering  and race baiting to disgusting new heights on network TV.  Glenn Beck was a  real modern day McCarthy for the 21st Century. I wonder if Ku Klux Korrupt Klaussen will still continue to embed this sob on his demented d-bagging and diminishing trafficked website. Good riddance to both Glenn Beck and soon to be  Perry Klaussen if Beth Mason could only just lose. That's what I would call a two-fer! ◦