Tuesday, June 14, 2011

There Goes H411 Again!: Bi-polarism and Historical Revisionism Again from the Dapper D-Bagger!

Once again, the dynamic duo of political distortion, Perry Klaussen and Lane Bajardi are at it again, this time with respect to the arrival and departure of Jennifer Maier as Environmental Services Director of Hoboken. Jennifer was hired by Zimmer in 2010 and immediately criticised by Hoboken 411 for not being qualified for the job. Now that she is no longer in the Zimmer Administration in 2011 as of yesterday June 13th, she is considered an asset that Mayor Dawn Zimmer threw under the bus. Which is it Kooky Korrupt Kaniving Killer Klown Klaussen and Blubbering Babbling Bombastic Broke Blunder Boy Bajardi? Was she an asset or a bust? Pick a position flip-floppers!

In a Hoboken 411 article yesterday, here are some key quotes about Jennifer Maier from Hoboken 411 from so called unnamed sources. Does a source ever get named at Hobroken 411? Sorry, silly question.

Quotes from Hoboken 411 June 13, 2011:

"Maier won over many of her critics with a fair, no-nonsense approach to the job. Ironically, it may be her fairness that did her in with Zimmer...."
Sources say Maier – who brought far more “real-world” and political experience to the table than Zimmer and Grossbard combined – attempted to talk sense to her bosses, who were not interested in hearing it.
My comment: WTF? These glowing reviews of Jennifer Maier were not present when she was hired just a year ago! Below are screenshots from two different articles on H411. Boys and girls: can you say bi-polar historical revisionism?

From Hoboken 411 June 13, 2011:
Link: http://hoboken411.com/archives/65979

From Hoboken 411 February 5, 2010:

When Jennifer Maier was first hired she was referred to as having " baggage" and was "no longer welcome in Plainfield". So how does Perry Klaussen and his diminutive ghost writer Lane Bajardi reconcile their contradictory positions? Answer: They can't but they will try to insult the reader's intelligence by saying one thing one year and another the next and hope you the reader aren't smart enough to catch on. Insulting actually and that is why that website is not taken seriously by anyone who pays attention to the issues. Nothing but 3rd grade political schlock writing from an angry little man who lacks a college degree but uses wikipedia to quote Voltaire and Lord Byron to make up for his intellectual deficiencies. Still, the two are a clever lot that still cater well to the under 100 IQ set. It would appear though that the hyper local Faux News will linger on for a bit longer in an affront to decency.

Link: http://hoboken411.com/archives/36907

Note: Screen captures are fair use to make sure Perry Klaussen doesn't engage in historical revisionism by modifying or deleting his prior articles. ◦