Monday, June 13, 2011

Tonight in Politrick's: Hoboken Style

Here is the lay of the land with respect to Hoboken politricks for tonight:

Monday June 13th:

Mayor Sacs Maier- Change of Direction at Environmental Services

Mayor Zimmer Announces Interim Environmental Services Director and that effective today, Jennifer Maier will no longer serve as Director of Environmental Services. It isn't easy being Mayor of Hoboken, or any type of manager when it comes to making the decision to part ways. That fact that Jennifer Maier has been replaced was the worst kept secret in Hoboken over the last month. I wish her luck wherever she winds up.

Beth Mason to FBI: F*ck You! I want my political victory!

Beth Mason has called for another meeting on the FBI investigation tonight at City Hall. In a meeting not properly noticed, Beth Mason still wants her pound of flesh from the Zimmer Administration before her and her lame duck and financially inept City Council are out of power. FBI investigation be damned! Zimmer has responded in a letter late last week that said no information will be released while the investigation is ongoing.


Jamie Cryan Likely Hoboken Democratic HCDO Chair?

Tonight at Room 84 at 84th and Washington Street, the Hoboken Democrats will have their yearly election. Going in the "Real Democrats" (including some real Republicans) led by Michele Russo have an 38-34 vote lead over the "Honest Democrats" led by Phil Cohen and backed by Dawn Zimmer. Who ever gets their people to show up will get back power of this committee. Across the blogosphere "Da Horsey" over at MSG has the emerging candidate of the HCDO Dems as none other than Jamie Cryan. With a big shot developer friendly relative as an elected official in New Jersey, Jamie would be the figure head for the political movement that wants to sell out Hoboken to NJT for huge development payola. As the old saying goes, follow the money.

For the Real Democrats to win tonight they will have to have their people show up even though they have the edge in voters.

My Comment: Hey Michele (Russo), you better have some of your people check their flight schedules! Make sure they have their passports! Part of winning in life is just showing up.


Hey, speaking of Jamie Cryan, enjoy the music.....

Later this week: Some high profile teachers up/not up for tenure and their supporters could cause a ruckus at the BOE Tuesday and the Mason/Russo axis of fiscal malfeasance on Wednesday will commence for another session of budget politrickery at City Hall.

By going down to a zero surplus these demented miscreants of budgetary misdeeds will really screw over cops, fireman and other municipal workers. The upcoming reto-payouts were part of the surplus that Beth Russo gave back and with caps in place the only recourse will be to have layoffs as well as tax increases to the maximum allowable. The problem is that the maximum allowable may not be enough to allow all workers to come back. In essense Beth Mason, Mike Russo and the whole bunch of fiscal misfits have doomed public employees to layoffs.

Mayor Zimmer clearly had the better plan here to maintain the surplus at 5%. It would have given the City the flexibility to bond at reasonable rates as well as cover these retro-pays. The only hope is that the State nixes this BS budget passed by the City Council. ◦