Monday, November 7, 2011

Mayor Dawn Zimmer on Fundraiser, Hospital and Tuesday's Election on Rent Control and Freeholder Race

Mayor Dawn Zimmer gives the Freeholder Race which a mention from her extensive email list. As has been reported earlier the Mayor has stayed neutral on the Freeholder Race between me and Anthony Romano and I respect that. I can't think though that a mention from the Mayor can't help me in terms of my get out the vote effort. Remember to vote Tuesday November 8th Column C Row 6 for the Candidate with the best ideas on how to give Hoboken taxpayers a tax cut and Jersey City Heights and Hoboken more services. That candidate is me Kurt Gardiner and so far the grass roots response has been encouraging. The better my turnout the stronger the message back to the County. Tell your friends.  Rock the vote and the Hudson County Bosses that take our money and give little in return!

Dear Friends,

Great news! Hoboken University Medical Center has officially been saved. On Friday the funds were wired and I received a certificate from TD Bank that the City is no longer responsible for the $52 million bond guarantee!

On Thursday, November 17th, please come and join a celebration at my house, and help make sure we can continue to move Hoboken in the right direction. (See invitation here) .

I cannot thank all the Authority members enough, and in particular, Chairwoman Toni Tomarazzo, for their tremendous contributions to our community.

I also want to thank all of you who gave your support on Sunday night. Thanks to the many citizens who raised their voices the message was clear: Our Hospital and our financial well being are not toys for cynical politicians to play with - the political games that are threatening the health of our community must stop now.

Tuesday, November 8th Election:

Please remember to vote this Tuesday. While many of the races are not in doubt, there are two important items that I’d like to highlight:

Rent control: The new rent control Ordinance being challenged by referendum maintains the core protections of our existing rent control system and was passed unanimously by the City Council with my support.
It is not perfect, but represents a genuine attempt to resolve serious issues with the existing law. Those issues led a court to rule that elements of the existing law were applied in a manner which was “arbitrary and capricious.”

The new Ordinance seeks to create a fairer rent control system for both renters and owners, while helping to protect the City from significant potential litigation exposure. The legislation does not increase in any
way the legal rent that may be charged on any apartment.

The ballot is confusing. A “No” vote supports the new legislation and will allow the modest changes approved unanimously by the City Council to become law.

Freeholder: The Board of Chosen Freeholders is, in effect, the City Council of the County. Kurt Gardiner is running as an independent against the incumbent Freeholder, Anthony Romano. This is technically a partisan election, but no Republican is on the ballot. Kurt stepped up to ensure that voters would have a choice, since uncontested elections are not consistent with our democracy.

I urge each of you to learn about the candidates and cast your vote for the individual who you feel will best represent Hoboken’s interests in the County.

Thank you all for your support, and I hope to see many of you on November 17th.

- Dawn
[Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer] ◦