Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sample Ballots November 8th Election

On Tuesday November 8th Hoboken will have the following choiuces to make for election day: NJ Sate Senator, NJ Assembly, County Executive, Register and Freeholder. There will also be two public questions as well 1) To Allow Sports Wagering at Atlantic City and Horsetracks and 2) To Repeal Ordinance Z-88 on Rent Control Changes made Recently by the Hoboken City Council.

I, Kurt Gardiner am running for Freeholder for Hoboken/JC Heights in District 5 of Hudson County. My ballot position is 6C for change and cuts. I am on a platform of more services and lower taxes which is actually achievable since Hoboken has been getting the short of the stick for years from Hudson County. My website is: if you wish to see details on platform. ◦