Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reader Poll - Is Beth Mason Truly Evil?

As editor of the Hoboken Journal I suspended actively putting up posts on this website to focus on which is a community resource for Hoboken with a positive approach to notifying people about events around town. Besides, Nancy Pincus at Grafix Avenger blog ( and Roman Brice at Mile Square View ( are doing a fine job keeping the good governance movement in the loop about the underhanded tactics of the opposition to good governance as well as reporting on the good intentions and policy of the current Mayor Dawn Zimmer.
Photo Courtesy of MSV aka HobokenHorse website

With some other obligations that I have winding down it is perhaps time to rebuild my audience once again. Why not start with a simple unscientific poll. There have been reports of another political push poll that went around this weekend. Now I can't confirm this 100% but usually the only one who can afford a push poll is Beth Mason. Thus, I have featured Beth Mason in one of my comeback posts.

As councilwoman Beth Mason has done the following deeds that are an affront to the taxpaying Hoboken citizenry:
  • Attacked Mayor Zimmer on TV, print, and policial smear website Hoboken 411 for being fiscally responsible and saving the HUMC Hospital.
  • Tried to sabotage the HUMC sale and even had a lien against the organization for one of her ineffective and nonsensical lawsuits against it. 
  • Voted against the bond that would have closed the deal for the Hospital. The Governor had to step in instead. Beth Mason then scrambled to cover her tracks with a bogus "minority council" deal (completely non-binding) because the bottom line was she was willing to have 1,000 people plus lose their jobs just to make the Mayor look bad. Its one thing to be on the wrong side of an issue it is quite another to then systemically lie about it after the fact.
  • She pays Matt Callichio (as he stated under oath in a court of law) who has harassed a number of elected officials and supporters of Mayor Zimmer over the years. Now the most recent case did not meet a criminal level of harassment but the judge did not buy into Matt's testimony calling him a liar. 
  • Questions have been raised about the filing status of 1200 Gallery which according to reports is rarely open as a gallery and appears to have political operatives on the payroll. Is this legit, is it a political organization, or a  tax shelter? These are legitimate questions and no transparency is coming from Beth Mason.
  • Beth Mason once openly advocated to have her number 1 supporting website listed as the City's Official website back in 2009. Could you imagine if that was allowed to happen what the twisted "reporting" would be like coming out of City Hall?
  • Any intelligent reading of her resume brings a reasonable person to conclude that it has more holes than Swiss cheese but the craziest thing I ever heard was that she claimed to be a part of the Goldman Sachs IPO when running for re-election in 2011. I heard this through a secondary source. 
  • Purportedly tried to push legislation through with the intent to silence the blogs in Hoboken. Now Tim Occhipinti was the official sponsor of the  legislation but I do believe Beth Mason had a hand in it since there is no way Timmy could write that ordinance himself. Beth very likely paid someone to do it. Luckily it was tabled. What was that effort any? Stalinistic Russia? Russolini?
  • Hoboken 411 has repeatedly gone after all of Beth Mason's political enemies yet has never ever uttered one negative word about her. EVER! If you think for one moment that there isn't a monetary relationship between those two I have a bridge to sell you for a dollar. Now that is just my opinion and I want to be careful here as Beth Mason might have the propensity to get a little SLAPP happy. After all, she has the money, the willingness to destroy her opponents. This is America and I am entitled to my opinion last time I checked. Hoboken 411 has done banner ads for her in the the past and his support of her is so 100% it is entirely plausible and actually quite possible that there is an arrangement. Can I prove it beyond a reasonable doubt? No. But do I believe it, absolutely yes.
  • The worst part about the H411 hit jobs very likely sponsored by Beth Mason is that I believe it decreases public participation and that has a corrosive effect on our democracy. Now you could say the same thing about Grafix Avenger or Da Horsey but when they go after someone like Mike Russo its not like they are going after some regular citizen, but rather a person who showed a willingness to sell out Hoboken to Solomon Dwek. There is a big difference.
Now, obstructionism isn't necessarily evil, just political games. But the question I pose to the readers in the poll below is Beth Mason evil, a misguided politician or is she the greatest thing since sliced bread? I won't state my opinion but merely offer this non-scientific poll below as a response to Ms. Mason's purported "purple pillow plopping" push poll:

Note: It is my opinion that Beth Mason and certain members of the old guard have declared total war on good governance in Hoboken and this is simply me providing an insightful retort to the Machiavellian machinations of Ms. Mason and her Family Civic League little shop of horrors.