Monday, August 13, 2012

Kids First Announces BOE Slate - Theresa Minutillo Not Seeking Re-election

From Ruth McAllister Kids First BOE candidate for November 2102...

Kids First Announces BOE Slate - Theresa Minutillo Not Seeking Re-election

"It is with great enthusiasm and pride that I announce the Kids First 2012 Slate for the Hoboken Board of Education:
  • Ruthy McAllister
  • Jean Marie Mitchell
  • Tom Kluepfel
When it became apparent that we would have a spot available on our ticket, I approached Tom Kluepfel, an independent candidate, to run with me and Jean Marie. Tom Kluepfel, a Hoboken High parent, is one of the founders of the Elysian Charter School and served on its Board of Trustees for several years. Tom readily agreed as we all share similar goals for the district, a passion for the future of the Hoboken Public Schools and strong ethical beliefs about our duties as board trustees. The combination of my and Jean Marie's Board experience and Tom's energy and unique perspective will enable us to continue the progress begun by Kids First for the students and staff of the District!

Although I was saddened to hear that long time friend and colleague Theresa Minutillo decided not to seek re-election, I fully understand the need for her to take this time and focus on her family and career. I certainly appreciate her past efforts and the positive impact she had on the Hoboken Public Schools. I look forward to her continued support of the District and the Kids First 2012 ticket.

I am very excited about working together with Jean Marie and Tom, a great team for the students of Hoboken!

Kind Regards,
Ruthy McAllister"
From left to right Ruth McCallister and Theresa Minutillo

and here is Theresa Minutillo's brief note in her own words as to why she did not seek re-election...

"Dear Friends,

By now you have probably received Ruthy's press release announcing the Kids First slate for Nov. 2012. I wanted to give you my own brief explanation as to why I decided not to seek re-election.

It is with thoughtful consideration that I have decided not to seek re-election. After years of being able to balance the needs of my family, career and Board duties, I have discovered that I can no longer give the required time necessary for another three year term. I fully support the Hoboken Public School District, Dr. Toback's leadership and the board majority. I am proud of the accomplishments of the Kids First majority and grateful to everyone that supported me and Kids First these past six years. I look forward to continuing to be an active and devoted Wallace school parent and I am confident that the district and my child's education will be in great hands with a continued Kids First majority and the election of Ruth McAllister, Jean Marie Mitchell and Tom Kluepfel.

Theresa Minutillo"