Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reminder - Let the People Decide Petition Party 7-9pm Tonight at Wicked Wolf

Petition Notarizing Party 7-9 PM at the Wicked Wolf 

Just a reminder about Tonight's notarizing party from 7-9 pm at the Wicked Wolf in Hoboken(2nd and Sinatra) Tuesday August 14th, 2012.

Please note that if you have any petitions or you know of any of your friends that have petitions, they MUST be notarized tonight- otherwise the efforts you made with your signatures will not count.  The group Vote Yes For November is handing the petitions in tomorrow to the city clerk!  They need every signature possible to count towards our total.  If you can not make it tonight, please contact either Vijay Chaudhuri (973-493-2691 or vijay.chaudhuri@gmail.com), Eric Kurta (ekurta65@verizon.net or 201-600-3245), or Tom who is helping coordinate our efforts (412-715-5726 or tom@voteyesfornovember.org) to make other arrangements.

The petition drive is to put on the ballot two initiatives in November to 1) move all municipal elections to November and keep them non-partisan and 2) eliminate the need for a runoff election.  The people will be allowed to decide if this is something they want or not.

Also just a reminder that Vote Yes For Hoboken will be thanking Scott Siegel for all his contributions to our city as he says goodbye to Hoboken (temporarily we all hope!).  Be sure to come out to wish him the best as well. ◦