Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Statement from Mayor Zimmer on Lawsuit Filed by Council Minority

Let the dysfunctional behavior of the City Council Minority continue. City Council members Castellano, Mason, Occhipinti,have all filed a lawsuit to remove James Doyle who was appointed City Council when Carol Marsh stepped down for "personal" reasons last month. Below is Mayor Dawn Zimmer's  statement.....

Statement from Mayor Zimmer on Lawsuit 
Filed by Council Minority

“Yesterday, City Council members Castellano, Mason, Occhipinti, and Russo filed an action in Superior Court seeking to remove Councilman Doyle from office. The apparent purpose of the lawsuit is to create a 4-4 deadlocked Council for at least the next eight months.”

“The City believes that their claims are entirely without merit. It is extremely unfortunate that instead of focusing on properly representing the interests of their constituents that these Council members are attempting to paralyze our government for political reasons to the detriment of the citizens of Hoboken who they were elected to serve.”