Monday, June 7, 2010

Democratic Commitee Row B Candidates

Here is the list of Hoboken Democratic Committee Candidates listed on the ballot for Tuesday's June 8th Primary election on row B. Candidates are listed by Ward and District combination. There is a position for one male and one female for every ward and district combination for a total of 72 positions. If there are any omissions or misspelled names please let me know at

Ward       Candidate
District    Names

1/3: Deb Rosner, Frank Rosner
1/4: Susan Chait, Steven Sternberg
1/6: Gary Holtzman, Ann Holtzman
1/7: Vijay Chaudhuri, Jennifer Latz
2/1: Kenneth Nilsen, Kathleen Weatherall
2/3: Ravi Bhalla, Ava Schoellnast
2/5: Peter Biancamano, Abigail Jacobs
4/1: Angel Rivera, Marie Bozzone
4/2: Rami Pinchevsky, Miriam Pinchevsky
4/3: Brian Jennings, Frances Jennings
4/4: LaTrenda Ross
5/1: Theresa Minutillo, John Carey
5/2: Peter Cunningham, Pat Kelly
5/3: Phil Cohen, Melissa Abernathy
5/4: Ilise Benum, David Tornabene
5/5: Brian Assadourian, Ann Marie Bonner
5/6: Rick Kamber, Ann Graham
5/7: Keith Furman, Sandi Reinardy
6/1: James Castiglione, Margaret Castiglione
6/3: Cliff Tisdell, Nancy Carnevale
6/4: Joel Freiser, Alyse Battaglia
6/5: Nancy Pincus, James Kocis
6/6: Irene Sobolov, Ivan Sobolov
6/7: Joseph Branco, Jennifer Rock

As a person who supports better local governance and knowing most of the candidates listed here I lend my recommendation to vote for these candidates in the June 8th Primary election. Remember, polls open at 6 am and close at 8 pm. ◦