Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Beth Mason! JibJab Parody

A Happy Valentine's Day goes out to Beth Mason from Lane Bajardi, her most loyal political follower. Lane spends a lot of time concocting 5 minute hate filled speeches to bring down the one woman who stands in the way of a Beth Mason Mayoral seat (besides Beth herself), Dawn Zimmer.

Hoboken Journal Disclaimer: This is yet another light hearted JibJab parody that can be classified as political satire. The Hoboken Journal in no way insinuates that there is anything else between Lane and Beth Mason other than a platonic political/business relationship. However, as they say "politics sure makes for strange bedfellows". It all stated with a purple pillow and now this!:).....

Background on the "Purple Pillow" reference:
I used to comment frequently on Hoboken411 back in 2008. I wrote a few of my poems that Perry Klaussen published like my piece on Dave Roberts budget "Twas The Night Before the Budget" and other such content.

I started to figure out that a change in editorial policy had occurred when an innocuous limerick I had submitted as a full post on a purple pillow was promptly pulled after being up on Hoboken 411 briefly. Here is the limerick below:

Purple Pillow Limerick

A plush purple pillow was once placed,
with such servile attentive haste,
it was placed with great care,
to comfort Mason's derriere,
but it was Roberts who about the budget was disgraced.

This limerick was about Lane Bajardi and him obsequiously giving Councilwoman Beth Mason a purple pillow to give her comfort at a City Council meeting. It was a scene that many who saw it found quite funny so I deemed it bard worthy at the time. What made it even funnier to the few insiders that pay attention is that purple historically is the color of royalty and Beth's behavior in 2008/2009 was more befitting a coronation rather than an election. I began to figure out that the reason why it was pulled was that it offended either Lane Bajardi or Beth Mason. I was given a different reason from Perry Klaussen as to why it was pulled and quite frankly I did not buy it. I still don't to this day.

Here is a recent story that partially goes into the reasons behind my split with Hoboken411, Lane Bajardi and Beth Mason: