Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"The Advocate of Hoboken" Announces City Hall Protest Tomorrow Night on "Russo Gate"

Here is a note from the "The Advocate of Hoboken" about tomorrow's rally asking Mike Russo to resign after the release of FBI tapes that showed some pretty damning conduct for a public official. I don't know at this point if any other organizations are going to formally endorse such a protest but this thing will likely go viral anyway.....

Russo jovially agrees to helping his friends but slips by the dragnet.

Come to the Rally for Russo's Resignation, Tomorrow Wednesday April 6th at City Hall, 6:00 PM

Greetings! The apple didn't fall far from the Tree. Russo jovially talking about how the Pay to Play rules are "nonsense" and how "family first". He talks about how he needs help in the 3rd Ward and how he can expedite developer variance requests. He talks about how he was able to choose the Beth Mason mayoral slate in exchange for his endorsement to his constituents for her race.

Rally Tomorrow at City Hall - 6:00 PM. Be there.

Video: http://bcove.me/bgvacuq1

The Advocate of Hoboken