Monday, May 2, 2011

The Jersey Sting Visits Hoboken Library Saturday April 30th

On Saturday April 30, 2011 from 2-4pm the authors of "The Jersey Sting" Josh Margolin and Ted Sherman visited the Hoboken Public Library. Josh and Ted each gave a talk and then opened the floor up for questioning. The attendance at the event was pretty good for a nice sunny day and there were quite a few questions about corruption that were asked by the audience. Notables in attendance were Mayor Richard Turner, Stan Grossbard (the Mayor's husband), 3rd Ward Candidate Greg Lincoln and Adam Liebenstein a mercenary videographer who in the past has been in the employ of Beth Mason in the past. Adam even once endorsed Beth Mason for Mayor on the grounds that she paid him. What a mercenary! When asked by MSV as to why he was there he replied that he was doing something on corruption. I would have sent him to Beth Mason's HQ and the Mike Russo Civic Association to complete his assignment! :) Turns out Adam's video is now on Hoboken 411 in segments out of context designed to make Mike Russo look better. Go figure. Looks like the damage control team of Lane Bajardi and Adam Liebenstein is once again working in concert over at Mason411. No surprises here.

Mike Russo was not in attendance. Something about heat and kitchens comes to mind. Another missing person of note was 5th Ward Council Candidate Perry Belfiore. He always uses big words so I figured he would be in the library for sure using one of his catch phrases like "mea culpa" or disingenuous. Too bad for him, he missed a good event. Perhaps he was on the campaign trail trying hard not to come in 3rd place.

Ted Shrerman (l) and Josh Margolin (r) speak to the crowd.
Adam Liebenstein who in the past has done extensive videography for Beth Mason.

The audience listens in.

Line for autographs. Even Richard Turner got his book signed.

Feel free to share your thoughts about corruption below. ◦