Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another Political Message from Beth Mason

For the majority of the readers of my blog, this latest message from Beth Mason will likely inspire ire with all of its distortions. You have to give the evil witch queen credit though. Her consultants really know how to pile the shit high in her latest press releases.

Dear Friend,

The Democratic Primary Election is this Tuesday, June 7th. I ask that you join me in supporting the Real Democrats for Hoboken slate that is running in Column “A”. Please remember the candidates for Hoboken Democratic Committee and be sure to Vote Column “A” all the way from top to bottom.

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos is running for re-election. As our Assemblyman he has stood up for Hoboken and has:

Fought to increase state-aid for Hoboken Schools
Fought to eliminate a state imposed surcharge on Corner Cars rentals
Championed legislation to mandate low-cost heart screening exams for newborns that will save lives

Freeholder Anthony Romano is a tremendous advocate for our community. As our Freeholder he has:

  • Fought to lower county taxes and increase county services (Editor's note: County taxes for Hoboken have gone up during Romano's incumbency- way up without an appreciable increase in services).
  • Advocated for quick repairs of Sinatra Drive North and stabilization of our waterfront
  • Counseled young residents on the dangers of substance abuse through the Hudson County Municipal Alliance Against Drugs and Alcohol
Unfortunately, Mayor Zimmer, who serves as Honorary Chairwoman of the Hoboken Democratic Party, is not standing up for our Democratic values. Instead, Mayor Zimmer has:

  • Endorsed Republican Governor Chris Christie for reelection.  
  • Supported the Christie administration state-aid cuts for NJ Transit, Hoboken Schools, and Women’s Healthcare Facilities.
  • Supported Christie’s bully tactics including his calls for “taking a bat” to 76 year-old Democratic State Senator Loretta Weinberg.
With recent talks that Governor Christie may seek the Republican nomination for President, we cannot risk leaving the local party in the hands of his allies. The candidates running on the Real Democrats for Hoboken line will support President Obama and the Democratic Party, not Christie and his Republican allies.

Beth Mason