Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gardiner for Freeholder Photo Shoot

On Sunday August 7th, I decided to have a few campaign photos taken of a few of my favorite spots in Hoboken. I have to be honest with my audience though. One of the reasons I initially hesitated to run for office is that I am overweight. Make no doubt about it that it was a concern for me when I decided to run and still is both personally and potentially politically. I am hoping though that Hoboken can see beyond that fact and vote the issues and the candidate's potential in terms of competency and potential advocacy for the residents of District 5. Of course if the election were a 5K race I am sure my opponent would beat me quite soundly. But, fortunately for me it is not. It is actually a bit more like a marathon where I will be working hard to win over voters with my ideas and not a series of $40-$1000 checks funded by Beth Mason and/or Frank Raia.

Besides, with all that walking around I might just drop a few pounds. After all, if I am advocating for budget austerity I might start by trimming a bit of fat off myself. Wish me luck as I try for a little self-improvement. In the meantime let these photos serve as a reminder that the best politicians don't always come in the slickest packaging as the story of the rise and fall Peter Cammarano reminds Hoboken of from time to time. On the other hand my sheer size does have an advantage: people remember me. So here is my very first photo shoot that should serve as a reminder to residents that legitimate good governance candidates don't have to come with slickest packaging, or the big shot developer endorsements, they just need giant ideas with giant sized convictions and perseverance regardless of stature. We should never allow anyone to run unopposed in Hudson County. It encourages corruption. Here are some shots. Recognize any of these Hoboken Landmarks?