Thursday, October 18, 2012

Twitter-Gate Part Deux - Perry Klaussen Games his Hoboken411 Twitter Follower Numbers - Advertisers Beware

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The Hoboken Journal was founded in 2009 after I was censored and had my account locked out at Hoboken 411 for not agreeing with the owner Perry Klaussen's pro Beth Mason agenda. I used to be a contributor to that site but once he started advertising for Beth Mason and I did not support her, his support of me on his website went bye bye. It is after all, his website and if he wants to censor most of the commentary off of his website that is his prerogative. I actually support his efforts at destroying his own website traffic by filtering out almost all of the intelligent readership.

The reason I bring this history up between the websites again is simple, Hoboken411's owner Perry Klaussen is showing how desperate he is to prop up his traffic stats due to the heavy decline in commenting (and presumably traffic) based on his own shoot himself in foot editorial style (yellow journalism and obsessive control).

Perry Klaussen Distorts Hoboken 411 Web Traffic Numbers back in 2010:

In one example of a cover up he previously disconnected his website from Quantcast (a reliable web traffic estimator) which in a previous Hoboken Patch article published in September of 2010 laid waste to his claims of 400,000 monthly visitors. See the excerpt below from Andrew Tavini's piece:

"It's hard to know exactly what type of web traffic Hoboken411 draws because web traffic analytics is still such an inexact science and Klaussen, the only one who knows Hoboken411's traffic statistics for sure, is notoriously guarded about sharing such details. In an entry dated August 27, Klaussen writes that Hoboken411 attracts "several million page views…each month," over 400,000 of which he claims, according to Google Analytics, were unique visitors.

However, Klaussen recently hid Hoboken411's traffic data on Quantcast, another web analytics company available online. The last time Patch checked Hoboken411's traffic stats when that information was available was on July 15 and, according to Quantcast's numbers, the blog was attracting just over 32,000 monthly unique visitors. Quantcast describes Hoboken411 as "popular among a younger, fairly wealthy, mostly male audience."

Link to Story:

Get it, not 400,000 monthly unique visitors but 32,000 in 2010 for Hoboken 411 and probably even less now based on declining participation! Thanks to Andrew Tavani Perry Klaussen was caught in a very big lie. It is what Perry does.

Editor's Challenge: Hoboken411 is free to correct the Hoboken Journal by publishing real traffic numbers and forwarding them to

Perry Klaussen Distorts Hoboken 411 Twitter Follower Numbers back in 2011 with the use of Japanese Twitter Bots: 

Now that Perry Klaussen has an itty bitty bitter blog (say that three times fast) in comparison to his hey day from 2006-2008 he seems to be doubling down on the concept that he is still king of Hoboken blogs (a legend perhaps in his own mind) with deceptive efforts at distorting his true support.

The latest of these efforts again lies in propping up his Twitter numbers. The Hoboken Journal first discovered this campaign by chronic truth distorter Klaussen back in July of 2011 when Perry propped up his numbers using Japanese Twitter Bots. Seriously folks, do you think his traffic is authentically local? What a joke!

Link To Twitter-Gate Part 1:

Hoboken411's Twitter Followers in 2011 were anything but authentically local

Perry Klaussen of Hoboken 411 Purportedly Props Twitter Followers in 2012:

So fast forward to late Summer and Fall of 2012 and we have another serious of abberations (in this case I mean non-organic growth) in his Twitter account for Hoboken 411. As of August 4th, 2012 Hoboken411 had "grown" to 9,429 Twitter followers according to TwitSprout which track Twitter analytics. For the sake of argument lets say that traffic was organically accomplished (which based on my 2011 article we know clearly that it was not in total).

The baseline week ending August 4th, 2012 above, shows normal organic Twitter followers being added and subtracted with a modest net increase.

For the week ending August 11, 2012 shown below, the increases in Twitter followers come in just two of seven days with 3268 added on Wednesday and 1645 on Friday. According to one source it is very likely the fact that he is buying followers given this pattern of additions to followers.

With no Twitter Follower "buying" in place for the week ending August 18th shown below, Hoboken411 resorted to its natural and anemic growth by actually losing 4 net Twitter followers. 

The week ending August 25th depicted below shows 3159 new followers on Saturday but now where near that an any other day. Smells like programmatic Twitter additions doesn't it?

And one more week ending September 1st 2012 shown below with over 5,100 Twitter additions on Tuesday but all other days except for one had negative growth. Note the midnight hours as well when this traffic was added. Perry loves to stay up late according to sources.

And finally, the misleading ways of Hoboken411's Twitter growth show a 546 followers loss for the week ending October 6th below. Low Karb Klaussen is the "Big Loser" here. See what happens to his Twitter followers when he is not purportedly "buying" them? Lately all these so called followers have the potential to leave in droves.

Just another example of Perry Klaussen and his artificial propping of web traffic and social media support. Advertisers take note and beware. If there is a snake oil salesman in Hoboken it starts with three numbers 411.