Friday, February 25, 2011

Rami Pinchevsky Kickoff at Northern Soul - Success!

Last night at Northern Soul Bar at 557 First Street in Hoboken, NJ from 6pm-8pm Rami Pinchevsky kicked of his campaign for 4th Ward with his first fundraiser. Attendance was very good for his first event and around 80 people were in attendance throughout the evening based on the sign up sheets. Rami gave a speech calling for more affordable 3 bedroom housing as well as the need to be fiscally responsible and address Hoboken's infrastructure needs. He said he will address the issues more specifically as the campaign moves forward but did give a good overview of what his campaign is about. He stated he is humbled by the support for his 4th Ward candidacy to date and asked everyone one in the room to do whatever they can to help him to electoral victoy in May. He said  "I can't do it without your efforts. I need your help".  Rami received an enthusiastic ovation at the end of his speech.

My observation is that Rami seems to be out of the gate with a bit of momentum. Much work remains for Rami to identify, energize and extend his base and then get out the vote at the end. Below are some photos of the event.

Outside Shot of Northern Soul

Northern Soul Logo
Peter Cunningham and Eric Kurta - 5th and 1st Ward Candidates.
No, Eric Kuta is not a conjoined twin. The guy with the matching suit and camera angle
to hs right makes it look that way at firs glance.
Greg Lincoln and Tom Greaney - 3rd and 2nd Ward Candidates

Rami Pinchevsky Talks to 4th Ward Residents
Rami chats up another constituent

Rami Gives a Campaign Kickoff Speech

Around 80 people showed up for the event and either donated or signed up.
This was a good turnout for Rami. The event was a good start but much hard work
remains to get out the vote.