Monday, March 30, 2009

Internet Find - Gangs in NJ

With the economy getting worse and the possibility of crime getting worse in Hoboken and the surrounding area, I thought it would be a good idea to look for public reports on gangs and any related activities that might be out there. Given the recent attacks near the 2nd and 9th Street Light Rail Stations and the possibility they could be related to gangs, this law enforcement report, although 5 years old could help inquisitive citizens understand the nature of gangs in our state and how they relate to crimes.

Here is the 2004 report from New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety:

"Gangs in New Jersey Municipal Law Enforcement Response to 2004 and 2001 Gang Surveys"

Gangs In New Jersey
Gangs In New Jersey The Truth About Roselle Park Gangs In New Jersey: Municipal Law Enforcement Responses to the 2004 & 2001 NJSP Gang Surveys

Note: It is important to know the Hoboken Police Department was able to make several arrests after the Community Meetting regarding the Light Rail station attacks. ◦